Welcome to Via Cycles - we are currently on holiday and will be back on 28 July 2019

In the meantime you can continue to browse our store, but you will not be able to purchase items until we return on 28 July 2019.

We stock a gorgeous range of vintage bicycles from Achielle and Bobbin Bicycles. We are the NZ stockist for Achielle and we have the lowest prices in NZ for our Bobbin range. Our bikes are designed to get you around town, to the shops, the cafe, work or uni in comfort and style. And if you happen to pick up some goodies along the way we have a range of stylish baskets, panniers or crates to carry them home. When you discover the freedom and joy of riding a bike you'll want to ride one every day! Be sure to have a good look around our site as we have many more great bicycle accessories available.

Note that we have FREE shipping on all Achielle bikes throughout New Zealand and that we also ship accessories to Australia.