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How Achielle bicycles are made

Via Cycles are the sole New Zealand stockists of Achielle bicycles - these gorgeous bikes are handmade in Belgium with quality componentry. If you like the Achielle bicycles we have on our website but want some slightly different features, or even an electric bike - we can order your very own made to measure bicycle - Achielle not only build bicycles but they can build your bicycle.

Check out the Achielle website here to look at the range of frame options. After you've chosen your model you can then begin designing. Start with choosing one or several colours. You can also personally determine the number and type of gears, the kind of brakes, the colours of the tyres, the saddle and even the colour of your chain. If you need any help with some of the options - just contact us, we're happy to help you create the bike of your dreams! Here are some examples of frame and colour choices. See more at the bottom of the page.

Once you're ready you can then use the Achielle configurator to record your choices for a range of options (model, frame size, colour, type of saddle, brakes, etc). Follow these instructions to use the configurator:

1. Go to the Achielle configurator website here.

2. Make sure the website is in English by clicking the round flag button at the top of the page.

3. Click on the model bicycle you're interested in and select the options you prefer. If you want a non-standard colour in the RAL range check out the RAL colour website here. Be sure to note the RAL colour number in the Remarks section of the configurator.

4. Note that the options you choose will appear in bolded typeface and be listed on the right hand side of the page.

5. When you are finished you can save the configuration by clicking the green button under your list of selected options on the right hand side of the page.

6. You will then be asked to log in or register. Follow the prompts to do this. 

7. Once your configuration is saved you can log in at any time to edit and change your selected options, or even configure another model.

8. When you are ready to order all you need to do is give us the code number for your selected configuration in the My Configurations section. Note that the price quoted in Euros does not include shipping to New Zealand. 

We usually have two shipments a year from Belgium. All bespoke orders for the Spring shipment (arriving mid-September) need to be placed by 1 May and those for the Summer shipment (arriving mid-February) by 1 November. We require a 50% deposit for all bespoke orders. Extra shipments may be organised depending on demand.

Be sure to get in touch with us if you'd like to discuss options or if you have any other queries.

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